Sustainability in Forest Products

Leading the Way for Future Generations. People – Planet – Prosperity for All.

From reusing waste materials, partnering with reforestation projects and planning for solar energy generation systems at our sites; we have initiated strategies to tackle climate change, regenerate our forests, and safeguard water resources as our business grows.

Leading the Way

Leading the way on sustainability within our industry, demonstrates that we are dedicated to the stewardship of our natural resources so that our business can flourish for many more generations.
As we progress on our journey in 2021 and beyond, we aim to set and reach ambitious targets for our long-term sustainability commitments that align with our values and partners’ goals.
Prime Forest Products has built a reputation of trust with our partners who expect not only the highest quality of products but also a strong commitment to building a transparent, reputable, and more sustainable product supply chain.
Our growing team is inspired and motivated by how our work answers #12 and #13 of the UN Sustainable Development Goals call to action to address climate change.

United Nations Sustainable Development Goals
#12 Responsible Production and Consumption
#13 Climate Action

OTP 16200 Tree Certificate - 2021-05-10T155143.262

Journey to Net Zero Impact

In 2020 we reported our greenhouse gas emissions inventory for the first time, using World Resource Institute’s Greenhouse Gas Protocol as guidance. This was a coordinated effort to understand our carbon footprint of all aspect of our operations over the 2019 calendar year and take action to reduce or offset our impact.
To achieve net zero carbon emissions for 2019, we offset 8 Metric Tons of our carbon emissions by purchasing carbon offset credits from a Watershed Forest Carbon Project in Astoria, Oregon and also by purchasing 31 MWh of Green-e-Energy certified Renewable Energy Credits associated with wind energy projects.
We have committed to maintaining net zero carbon for our Scope 1 and Scope 2 emissions in 2020 and beyond. We can achieve this by making as many energy efficiency improvements as possible, introducing renewable energy generation at our facilities, as well as purchasing Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) and carbon offsets for what we are unable to eliminate ourselves in any one year.

Sharing Our Success

In addition to completing our first emissions inventory in 2020, we chose to report our findings to the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) located in the United Kingdom. Taking this step as a small company was a way to demonstrate our leadership in the industry.
Completing our first CDP disclosure report was another huge milestone for us as we learned how to assess and plan for managing risks of a changing climate and a changing marketplace.
We were thrilled to learn that our continuous efforts and focus on people, planet and prosperity in all parts of our business resulted in a score of B- for our initial disclosure!

To establish a solid foundation of success for the next generation in our industry, we are working this year to improve our sustainability plan with additional details for our emissions inventory, climate-related initiatives, and issues.
On January 1, 2021 we are introducing board-level oversight with two new roles within the company: Sustainability Director (full-time position) and Marketing Director of Sustainability (part-time position).


Showing Results

As a family-owned and operated business, we are making strong, future-focused commitments to stewardship and sustainability.
We stand by our commitments and have taken steps to assure our partners that we are living up to our promises by pursuing third party certifications and verified reporting programs.

Certified and Responsibly Managed Forest Partners
In 2019, seventy-five percent of our lumber (harvested or purchased) carried certifications from the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), the Program for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC), or the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI).
These certification programs provide assurance that our products come from responsibly managed forests that provide environmental, social, and economic benefits.

Two Trees Planted for Every One Tree Harvested – Supporting Regeneration
Regeneration of our forests is a top priority for our Prime Forest Products Team!
In 2020 we donated and privately funded regeneration projects for the following trees:
7,400 – Douglas Fir Trees – Oregon
5,400 – Douglas Fir Trees – British Columbia, Canada
3,400 – Eastern White Pine Trees – Michigan
3,400 – Ponderosa Pine Trees – Washington State
19,600 – Total to be planted in 2021!

We would like to express our gratitude for our Regeneration Partners:
ONE TREE PLANTED, as well as an amazing NW Tribe!

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